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Training and diet help with my new work schedule

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  • Training and diet help with my new work schedule

    Hello, I recently got a new job that requires me to be at work around 5:00am. This means I have to leave my house at 4:30am and wake up around 3:30am to get ready. I currently go to bed at 11:30pm and get up at 6:00am. I start next week and plan to push my sleep and wake times back by 30 minutes everyday this week until I’m asleep at about 9:00pm. I’m also slowly losing weight so is my plan a good one or even necessary, and should I stop losing weight or train different due to the schedule changes? Any help is appreciated.

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    Are you asking if you need to make changes to your training and diet based on going to bed/waking up marginally earlier? I don't envy that new schedule, but as long as you're getting roughly the same amount of sleep you'll be completely fine.


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