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    To the people at my gym who use one of the two benches available to do their whole hour long workout ... just stop. Your leg lifts and overhead presses had great form, but there were literally thousands of square feet you could have parked your but to do this .

    Is there a social media influencer that is promoting this kind of workout? The same thing happened when Athlean X started promoting his face pull video and everyone suddenly had 10 sets of face pulls every day ... ahh, first world problems

    Sorry y’all, I’m a spineless millennial and confrontation makes me nauseous.

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    Perhaps people are trying to use the same equipment for their whole workout because covid?


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      I think you're likely to end up really frustrated at public gyms without polite negotiation. Most people have a really good idea of how much longer they will need a specific piece of equipment for (I assume working in between sets isn't an option right now). If, whether warranted or not, they think they'll need it for another full hour or no, at least you'll know then and can look for alternatives.

      In a situation where they don't actually need the piece of equipment (i.e. a bench and rack for leg lifts) they may just offer to move.

      No need to escalate it to a confrontation.


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        I don't think that any reasonable person is going to object to a polite "Can I alternate use that bench in between sets?", especially if they're in limited supply. That said, gym behaviours might need to be modified right now due to social distancing.


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          I finally got some carbs and now I’m not so cranky. Thanks for the cues, I kinda forgot for a minute that things aren’t normal right now. I’ve been going to “global gyms” for years now and have come to accept that the 20-40 lb dumbbells will never be on the rack and if you want a plate it will probably be on one of the hammer strength machines. At the end of the day, at least people are prioritizing their health.


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            My gym has two squat racks, one bench, and one deadlift platform. If both racks are being used and I am told they still have 30 minutes left on their workout, I just leave.

            There is a dude at my gym who I think is on three day a week chest and arms, one day a week back (can't get a big bench without a big back!) Split. He likes to superset three workouts at the same time. Yesterday he was doing back day and using the deadlift platform (two 45 lb bumper plates on the hex bar, touch and go only with a lot of grunting), a squat rack (good mornings), and the cable machine (lot of body swing pulldowns) for over an hour.

            I was doing overhead press and squating, using the other rack for 45 minutes.