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Plateaued with my home gym

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  • Plateaued with my home gym

    Hi! New member here. Hoping for some advice on prograns. I'm 42 now. Played college football & have a BA in kinesiology. I have a pretty decent home gym, but feel like Ive hit a wall. Not trying to get huge. In fact, trying to stay around 200-210lbs.
    my problem is Im running out of different excersises to keep building muscle. I don't want to hire a trainer to come to my house. Would a program like atthlean-x work for a home gym or do I need to search out workouts online?

    equipment I have:

    Titan t3 rack
    Dip bar
    Pull up bar
    Bench (incline/decline)
    Cable system with all sorts of attachments
    Ohio BB
    Bent bar
    lots of plates
    Bowflex adjustable dumbbells
    Rogue echo bike
    Concept 2 rower
    Plyo box
    3 sand bags
    Trx straps assortment of bands
    Pushup bars
    Kettlebells 5-50lbs
    Misc other small stuff.

    Im working out 5-6 days a week doing splits.
    At this point, my "bro science" isn't cutting it any more.

    Any advice?

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    Maybe the Barbell Medicine At-Home Template or the Hypertrophy Template if you've got the equipment for that. Would not recommend Athlean-X in a million years.


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      Seems pretty well equipped. The BBM hypertrophy template or bodybuilding template would probably work (I think the bodybuilding template is more of a bro split, which you may be more familiar with).

      There are many other good programs too, but none of them were made by Jeff Cavaliere.


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        More volume an option? Exercise variation is one way to continue building muscle, but you can also keep adding sets. Likewise switching back and forth between exercises (every couple of months say) can help as well.

        With the equipment you have listed above I would not say your access to equipment is your limiting factor in building muscle; it is more likely programming.


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          At this point, my "bro science" isn't cutting it any more. Theres your problem..

          Drop a few dollars on a BBM template that best aligns with your training goals. Its not the lack of equipment that holding you back, you can be sure of that.


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            Here's another testimonial: I'm 42, and I've put on 10 kg over the past 24 months training exclusively in a home gym with a third of that gear using a variety of BBM templates. You've got plenty of excellent tools there, maybe you just need to use them differently.


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              You have more gear than most home gym owners to get some fantastic results. I too have continued to make gains for years with a rack, barbell, plates, adjustable dumbell set and a flat bench.
              Perhaps downloading the Free Bridge template to familiarize yourself with RPE Training if you haven't done much Auto-Regulation style training in the past. Then move to Powerbuilding 2. Good luck!


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                I only have a bench, squat stands, barbell, Ssb, plates and 3 sets of dumbell ranging from 20-30kg. You have more that enough equipment to continue to make progress.

                I wouldn't ever recommend an Athlean-x program. I think White chop has a good point with doing the Bridge. A lot of people tend to go through a phase of filling their program with fluff (I'm massively guilty of this myself) but getting back to basics, with more frequency and volume in the main lifts and the variations of them will probably be a good idea depending on what you're doing now.

                Just make sure you continue to enjoy your training!



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                  You have more equipment than most pro bodybuilders had at their disposal until 1975. I actually would recommend the beginner template and run that, then hypertrophy or powerbuilding.