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  • Question about Strength 3

    Hi Guys, I recently bought Strength 3 and was a little surprised by the wording of the template. I am currently running Strength 1 and using a High Bar Back Squat with Belt as my main squat competition variation. I did this both to bring up my High Bar Back Squat (as it is lagging quite a bit behind my low bar) and to solve elbow pain issues brought about by continuous heavy low bar squatting. While running this program I have decided (not set in stone yet, but) to perhaps switch to High Bar Permanently. Upon purchasing Strength 3 it is worded as “competition Low bar back squat” where in the other templates it is simply worded “competition squat” I realize that it’s just semantics, but here comes my true question: would it be optimal to train Competition Low Bar while having all other supplementary squats at High Bar? Should I just disregard “low bar” wording and just continue doing high bar all the way? I want to increase my squat in general, but I also want to avoid the elbow pain as much as possible.

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    If you're not training toward a competition, then I wouldn't hesitate to switch all the low bar for high bar variations (assuming that it keeps helping to manage your elbow pain). If you were planning to compete and you're capable of lifting more via low-bar vs high-bar, then I'd probably still leave that in as the primary comp squat slot and try to manage any elbow issues in other ways.