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How to use Weekly AU and AWCR in programming?

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  • How to use Weekly AU and AWCR in programming?

    I would like to know how to use the numbers from AU and AWCR in gauging progress and making adjustments to the workouts. Are there recommended ranges for each of the numbers so I can see how I am doing? Thanks!

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    Feigenbaum, Baraki, and Ray discuss these metrics at around the halfway point of this video: I would highly recommend watching the entire video, it's well worth the hour of your time.

    I personally have trouble using AU very effectively, because my session time can vary based on various factors outside of actively training (I'm sure I'm not alone in this). I mostly just monitor my session RPE from session to session, and consider making adjustments to either my programming itself or to my recovery variables if I'm racking up a bunch of sRPE 9+ sessions unexpectedly.


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      Thanks Nate! I will check out the video! I also noticed that my session time had a great effect on that metric. My sessions can probably run sort of long. I looked at the shorter vs the longer and saw quite a difference.


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        Yeah, I'm fairly certain AU is just session time (in minutes) multiplied by session RPE, so that would make sense.