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Loss in deadlift strength? What do? Help!

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  • Loss in deadlift strength? What do? Help!

    Long story short I’m doing the bridge 3.0 and I finshed week 8 about 2 weeks ago but been running it out. My squats feels amazing and bench they’re really going up about 5lbd every week. But my deadlifts are decreasing fast. 2 weeks ago I pulled 450 [email protected] the last week only did 435 [email protected] and today did only 405 [email protected] what do? Do I pivot even though it’s only one lift decreasing or do I change my volume on my deadlifts please help thanks!

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    How long is left on the template? If your Deadlift has dropped 50lbs in 2 weeks and it really feels like it's the same rpe then just take the low stress week now and pick back up where you left off after.