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Isometric/Isotonics in 12 Week Press

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  • Isometric/Isotonics in 12 Week Press

    Recently bought the 12 Week Press template in search of a Bodyweight Press. Obviously, strength templates taper after the Pivot with some overload exercises like pin pressing, but I was wondering if anyone on here has tried doing Isometric/Isotonic holds before and did it work well?

    I am considering replacing a few of the supplemental Pressing slots with 3x2-3 of a Press starting on pins at shoulder height and doing an isometric hold against another set of pins at forehead height for 8-12s on each and using a fairly heavy weight.

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    Nobody, really?


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      I don't find holds to be particularly helpful in most training, and with a first run through the template I would not add them in. I have used them for particular reasons, for limited times, but I suspect that the pressing variations in this template are sufficient for most trainees.


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        Thank you for the response. I'm probably getting ahead of myself, but I'll just stick to the template. Might do some experimenting down the road though.