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  • SSLP or Beginner package

    Does barbell medicine still recommend SSNLP then jump to there programs or is it OK to start with Beginner templates?

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    I'm pretty sure that the free Beginner Prescription was created so that BBM had a program to recommend in preference to the SSNLP. I honestly think that it's a better option for a beginner, anyhow.


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      I've run both. I ran SSNLP a few years ago and switched to BBM. I broke my foot last year rolling BJJ and had to take a long time off. I ran the beginner template afterward and would highly recommend it over SSNLP.


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        Coffeeman Just to third Leah's and Adam's recommendations, I recommend the Beginner Template as well. The Beginner Prescription is the first phase of the Beginner Template, and is free. So if you want to give it a test drive, you can start there. If you want all three phases, you'll want to purchase the Beginner Template. I think it's worth it. I ran SSNLP twice without making much progress. For me, the fatigue generated on NLP ramped up too quickly, my progress stalled, then regressed. Then I did the Beginner Template. I ran all 36 weeks of it. I made good, consistent progress and enjoyed it.


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          I've run both. SSNLP left me 15lbs heavier, feeling run down and like crap, and with very little gains having been made over my numbers prior to giving it a shot. Went to some other programming for a bit and cut 20lbs off my bodyweight, and then based on some advice from Jordan, I gave the Beginner template (paid) a try. I maintained my bodyweight throughout the entirety of Phase 1, and I ended up making gains on all of my lifts except for my bench press. N of 1 and all that. But given the choice, I would pay (again) to do the Beginner template, but I wouldn't run SSNLP again even if someone offered to pay me.


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            Hi Coffeeman.

            On the BBM Podcast #129 (Progressive Overload), Jordan and Austin cover information that helped me understand why the Beginner Template is superior to SSLP (though they don't call out SSLP specifically).

            The short answer is that with SSLP you're only paying attention to increasing weight on the bar, and for most people (this was my experience) that means they grind harder and harder, accumulating more and more training fatigue, with every-decreasing returns.

            I made nice gains on SSLP, but was totally fried by the end of it.

            Just started BT, and think it will be more sustainable. I'm juggling a lot of priorities, besides my strength training, and need to control my training fatigue and have energy.

            And, from what the good doctors say, BT should produce better gains, too!
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              Didn't know they discussed this in a podcast episode so I'm gonna have to give it a listen. Thanks for that info!