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Adapting Program to COVID restrictions

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  • Adapting Program to COVID restrictions

    Hi all,

    I was halfway through the bodybuilding template, block II, when my region of the UK was put into a higher tier of COVID measures just this last week.

    As it stands, in compliance with the restrictions I'm able to use my local gym's outdoor area, but not all of the regular equipment is available and it's only available to book for 45 minute slots.

    I should be able to do most of the upper pulls, GPP and leg isolations at home with dumbbells and a bench that has a leg extension/curl attachment to save time - but I want to use the gym for barbell squats and hip hinge movements.

    Due to the equipment limitations, can I swap around the slots so that I do a quad and hip hinge on the first lower day instead of two quad exercises, and like so for the second lower day too? Is this sub-optimal in any way? I would also be splitting each day's workout to do half at home and half at the gym.

    I know that on the bodybuilding template there is no specific need to squat or deadlift, but having previously done the Bridge and other powerlifting-type programs I would like to keep these movements in my programming.


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    It'll be fine. Just aim to fit in the volume you need to progress.