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  • Template best for overall health?

    Hey everyone. I have decided to make a change in my approach to my health. I have always had the goal of being fit and healthy but during that achievement of the goal became more about getting stronger, which has lead to more weight gain and finally looking and feeling fat and unfit. I have decided that I don't need my lifts to be hitting certain numbers or anything like that but what does mater is that I look and feel better. With that said I am looking for a new template to purchase and want some feedback on what to look into. I need to fit into certain criteria's as well. I can only lift 3 days a week so anything that requires more is not going to work. I have more time for light cardio and GPP but only 3 lifting days. Another big thing is I am working out at home with a home gym. I have a bench, power rack, weight, barbell, dip attachment, lat attachment, olympic dumbbell handles, some bands and a slingshot. I prefer to work out with an hour or so. I have strength 1, the untamed method and the bridge 1.0 that I have run in the past

    The templates I am considering are the following;
    • General strength and conditioning
    • The bridge 3.0
    • Heavy light medium 2.0
    • 3 day GPP Hypertrophy
    • Power building 1
    • Time crunch + piviot
    any help or advice on what to do or template background would be great.

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    Have you worked through the beginner template yet? If not, then I would recommend that.