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Leg exercise substitutes for home gym

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  • Leg exercise substitutes for home gym

    Hi everyone!

    I recently purchased the Hypertrophy template and was wondering if what would be ideal exercises to substitute for the leg press, leg extension and leg curls? I only have a rack with basic pulley system, bench, bb and dbs. I assume some kind of squat for the press, something like sissy squats for the extension and maybe Romanian dls for the curls? Just about finishing up with sslp and looking forward to something new but a little lost with all these new movements after several months of only six exercises! :-)

    I tried searching but haven't had much luck finding any program specific info. Thanks and really grateful to have found this amazing sites.


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    If you get some bands of different sizes you can attach to the rack and fashion up a form of banded leg curls, lots of videos on youtube on ways to do it.

    For my home rack I cut a sheet of plywood with some 2X4's to fit the width of the rack and rest on the safeties. By placing the safeties higher up and using this platform, I can do reverse hypers. I do these reverse hypers just with bodyweight, but I could always use a dumbbell or a band to increase loading.

    Do an internet search on DIY home gym ideas and you'll be surprised at the simple things you can come up with.

    Hope this helps!


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      Split squats.


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        Leg Press- heels elevated front squat/HB/Goblet Squat, or Bulgarian Split Squats

        Leg Extension- sissy squats could work, but might be limited by your balance rather than your quads. If your pulley can be set up so that it originates from near the floor, you can put your foot in a handle (there are also ankle strap attachments) and sit on a bench and do unilateral leg extensions. A really quad dominant squat could also work (heels elevated front squat/HB/Goblet Squat or Bulgarian Split Squats)

        Leg Curls- Nordic Hamstring Curls, Sliding leg curls, Maybe set something up with your pulley (would probably require an ankle strap attachment).


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          I built a belt squat attachment based on this video:

          It was a pretty straightforward project, and adds a good variation to my own home gym setup.