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Suggestions for GPP & Conditioning timing

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  • Suggestions for GPP & Conditioning timing

    I've just begun the Beginner template. I'm starting from phase 2 but I'd like to incorporate the gpp and conditioning recommendations closer to those prescribed for phase 3.

    I train MWF and since I dont mind going to the gym more frequently I was thinking of doing my GPP/Conditioning on Tue and Sat.

    Tue: Pull-ups 2 × 8-15
    Barbell curl 2 × 10-15
    Tri push down 2 × 10-15
    30 min Liss

    Sat: Seated Rows 2 × 8-15
    Hammer curls 2 × 10-15
    Skull Crushers 2 × 10-15
    Hanging leg raises
    16 min Hiit (Jump Rope)

    Thoughts on this setup would be appreciated. I'd like to hear what's worked well for others.

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    I would say that is absolutely fine. You can also distribute a lot of those exercises in your MWF sessions, depending on how much time you have.