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Linear Progression and deloads

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  • Sid_M
    That’s because you’re not giving your body the adequate amount of stress to adapt. During a linear progression type of program the volume is going to stay constant, and in no way are you modifying the program to get you out of what’s getting you stuck. So pretty much your body has adapted to a certain amount of stress and requires more in order to adapt.

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  • Heisenberg
    started a topic Linear Progression and deloads

    Linear Progression and deloads

    During linear progression once you stall you take a 10% deload and then you can continue progress for a bit before stalling again. You can do that a few times then it stops working. The deload resensitives you to training before even that stop working. My question is, why does the deload stop working? Anecdotally, we all know that’s true but why is it?