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  • Long term template planning

    I was watching an older Alan Thrall video on long term programming. The idea seemed to less specific at the base and pair down to specific exercises as you peak then repeat. So I was thinking bodybuilding with the lowest specificity moving to power building next increasing specificity then to the strength templates which seem to be the most specific. I am going to do the BB template for about 6 weeks mostly to cut but I was thinking as a long term plan it might fit in with the least specific phase. I have also read some stuff on older programs using more sets and reps along with more specificity then decreasing reps and/or sets as you move to getting 1 RPM on the big 3 lifts.

    It seems to make sense to me but could there be problems with be too non-specific in the bottom of the pyramid and doing more isolation.

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    If you’re pretty far out from when you want to peak and test your 1 rep max but I would still keep it kinda within reason. For example if you want to test your 1 rep max, trying to max out and progress in the leg press or leg extension might not be the best route. But you could do front squats or something like that.