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Do advanced lifters need more or less deloads?

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  • Do advanced lifters need more or less deloads?

    They have to accumulate more stress in each mesocycle so wouldn't that mean in order to accumulate more stress that their mesocyles would need to be longer? And then obviously if you have longer mesocyles then you have less deloads. Let me know what you guys think. Thanks.

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    I'm not really following your logic. Do you think a lifter needs to take a deload after every mesocycle, regardless of training age? How are you defining "deload" in the context of your question? A mesocycle?

    A novice lifter needs substantially less training stress than an advance lifter to elicit a response, which you seem to understand. A novice lifter will not accumulate nearly enough fatigue over the course of a mesocycle to require a deload, whereas an advanced lifter generally will. Thus, an advanced lifter will need to deload far more often than a novice (true novices following a novice program typically won't need to deload at all).