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Strength 1 - Physiological Idiosyncrasies in the Squat/Deadlift

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  • Strength 1 - Physiological Idiosyncrasies in the Squat/Deadlift

    Hi All,

    Background: I've run the Bridge (x2), Powerbuilding (x1). Currently doing Strength 1 and finding that it's kicking my butt more than the previous 2, but specifically WRT to Squat and Deadlift.

    It's worth pointing out that my form is a little idiosyncratic, in that I have long arms and short legs. So my posture in low bar squat and deadlift are very similar, especially when the bar gets heavy I have a tendency to drop my backside and lift more with my legs in the deadlift.

    Further evidence for this, my e1RM squat and deadlift are roughly the same (Around 205/210 KGS @97Kg bodyweight). Weird. I know.

    I think part of the challenge with Strength 1 for me is the intensity and frequency of squat and DL (which I think is higher than the Bridge and Powerbuilding, though total volume/hypertrophy in those is higher).

    So my question is, should I:
    1. Suck it up
    2. Drop a set or 2 from the variation lifts
    3. Select variations that are less like the core lifts (e.g. high bar squat rather than chain, stiff-legged deadlift or good morning rather than rack pull/deficit DL)

    In terms of objectives, I've got no interest in participating in powerlifting meets. Just like compound movements as a way to get my 300+ active minutes a week (better than, ugh, jogging). And like getting/staying strong.


    (usual disclaimer applies, I looked around and couldn't find a similar post, I'm new, etc. etc. etc.)

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    Hey. Welcome to the forum.

    I don't have any advice for you as I lack the experience. Though, I'll tell you that you can get a response from Dr Feigenbaum/Baraki (within 24 hrs typically) if you post the question under the moderated section (Training Q/A with Dr. Jordan Feigenbaum and Dr. Austin Baraki).

    All the best.


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      Thanks! I may wait for an admin to fix the fact that my username is my email address. -_-

      Appreciate the drive by directions.