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Powerbuilding III or Strength III?

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  • Powerbuilding III or Strength III?

    Hi fellow lifters,

    Looking for a recommendation between purchasing and running Powerbuilding III or Strength III.
    Quick background:

    35 yr old male; 12.5 stone
    6+ years lifting experience
    Can train 5-6 days per week.
    Prefer workouts that are more time-efficient/expedient. Ideally less than 2 hours.
    Just finished BBM Hypertrophy II.
    Not a competitive powerlifter, nor have any plans of competing.
    Want to gain some more mass, but also don’t want to neglect strength training.

    Unsure whether to do the strength-specific programme to maximise strength, though may not be necessary if not competing; or if Powerbuilding III would be more suited to my goals, and a better time investment.

    Any advice from someone who has experience of either or both, or advice from the admins would be much appreciated.


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    I'm confident the recommendation would be Powerbuilding to align with your goals--the powerbuilding templates still have a lot of strength focused training in addition to hypertrophy work.

    I've run strength III a couple of times and, depending on your rest periods, you COULD exceed 2 hours (if you take a bit to warm up and wait a full 5 minutes in between sets) on the really high volume days. At 3 minutes between sets you shouldn't have a problem completing it < 2 hours.