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Powerbuilding 3 results and notes

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  • Powerbuilding 3 results and notes

    I just finished 14 weeks of the Powerbuilding 3 program.

    Before...After USAPL meet 1 week before starting and simulated meet at the gym for after

    Weight 153...161 lbs
    Waist ???...85.5 cm

    Squat 295...345
    Bench 215...230
    Deadlift 320...365

    I lifted 4 days per week, ran 5 miles 1 day per week, and added on the GPP work at the end of each lifting session. I like running middle distance and I don't want to go to the gym 6 days per week. I also have a job with a lot of walking so I wanted to take 2 full days off per week.

    Thoughts on the program:

    -I liked that most of the lifting is in the 6-8 RPE range. It seemed like a good balance of minimal fatigue with max strength gains.

    -I was able to get most lifting sessions done within 70-90 min which is pretty reasonable

    -I was able to do a linear progression on the SBD most weeks

    -I found decreasing returns from the GPP tricep/bicep programming. My weight lfited plateaued after week 6 on the 12 reps. I tried different variations after plateauing but it didn't help.

    -If you want to do any body building on the wrist or calves it seems like you have to program that yourself. This program can't do everything so I think that's fair.

    -I don't think I did a very good job of programming for my bench weaknesses. I struggled at mid-lift and I think I can program better for this next time

    I was happy with the program and I will run it again starting in 2 weeks.

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    I finish week 5 of this plan tomorrow. Did you run the plan with all of the default exercises? I have enjoyed it a lot so far. Mostly finishing it in 60m but then I've got 10m of the supplement at the end and usually 5 getting going in the morning. So I'm typically in and out of the gym in 1h20m. Unlike you I've been doing my GPP on their own days, I love hitting the gym everyday, but I'm ready to go home after 1 hour.
    Yeah, I agree with you that I miss the calves, especially since it is a weak point for me.
    My biggest takeaway so far isn't really specific to this plan, rather to me. Based on my 1-4 rep performance the calculator estimates way more than I can handle for the 8-12 rep exercises.


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      My default for the primary lifts was usually low bar squat, paused bench, and deadlift.

      I did start with the deficient deadlift for block 1 because my weak point on a 1 rep max was getting the bar off of the ground.

      But, I did rotate the supplement lifts each block based off of weaknesses.

      The calculator is a little bit of a blunt tool. It was useful for the power lifts but less useful for the GPP and supplemental work.


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        Cool, thanks for the review.
        For what it is worth years ago I had phenomenal bench press improvement on a program that focused on upright row, lateral raise, and triceps. Only benching 1 or 2 times a week.