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    I’ve noticed that I get stuck about an inch and a half off the floor on my deadlifts. I’m on the powerlifting 2 template and I was wondering if there’s much of a purpose for me to be doing block/rack pulls, chains, or bands on my deadlifts given this sticking point location. Would doing a standard Beltless deadlift be a better option, or should I just do rack/block pulls closer to the floor? I just feel so weak off the floor.
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    Hi, what do you mean by "get stuck"? If you mean you are actually failing a deadlift during training, then the weight you are choosing is way too high. If your template prescription is RPE 7 or 8, the weight you choose should allow you to easily finish the number of reps with more left in the tank. I'd recommend taking a look at Alan Thrall's new deadlift technique video on youtube. Go over each step to help with your form. His step #4 is the most applicable to your situation, in that getting tight before actually lifting the bar should help you off the floor. Thanks


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      If you are failing near the floor a paused deadlift can help. Pause around your usual sticking point. I think a deficit DL can help but most say the paused is much better.

      I am assuming the powerlifting 2 is similar to strength lifting 2 just with more or less bench. So I think the problem here is an overload is designed to put on more weight than you can pull from the floor. So the idea is you will get stronger without as much ROM. So a paused DL here is going to do something different. It is going to be less weight. These templates are competition prep so they are super specialized. You don't get much of the stuff like working on weak points.

      I see three options here.
      A. Sub the DL overload with paused DL con the program is designed to overload and this won't overload. So it may not work the program as well.
      B. Run the template as written then run powerbuilding 3 afterward and choose stuff to address weaknesses.
      C. Switch to Powerbuilding 3 now so you can address weakspots. The power/strength lifting templates should be the top of your training pyramid where you get ultra specialized and don't work on the base as much. The PB template helps you build the base and has more accessories. You can choose exercises that hit where you are weak like paused DL's.

      This is just my run of templates. BB ultra nonspecific I might even avoid conventional DLs during and just do accessories like good mornings, deficit DLs, or rack pulls. I start to specialize more with PB2 or PB3. Then move into strength template.

      So the idea is to work on things like sticking points with paused DLs, board presses, box squats, etc. in your less specific phase where you are concentrating on hypertrophy or a mixed of HT and strength in Powerbuilding. Then once about every 6 months I want to finish a lifting template to test 1 RM. You shouldn't be testing every 13 weeks.

      6 months is 24 weeks so this is what I do 6 weeks BB, 10 weeks PB, 13 weeks power/strength lifting. = 29 weeks so you test about every 6 months.
      PB3 also has a third block for testing like power/strength does so you can run that instead of a power/strength lifting to test. I might run PB3 twice instead of Strength lifting if I want to test and still have a boarder base to work with.

      So it is up to you. You can risk running the program suboptimally by changing the overload to just an accessory and work on sticking points or just run the paused deadlifts in the next template. You can also just switch templates to a board programming so you can pick some lifts that help your sticking points. I wouldn't suggest substitution since this template is very specific for a reason. I really think PB3 is what you want. You can customize it and it has more accessory movements at higher reps that you can use to address weakness and sticking points. Now if you are a few weeks into the powerlifting template I would finish the template and work on the weakness next time around by running PB3 and selecting paused deads in your first block as an accessory.


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        Coming back to this, I see a lot of truth in this. My deadlift has improved, but it was only going up from the weeks where I was doing paused deadlifts, so that definitely appears to be the weak point. I was going to run the hypertrophy template since I already have it and I am short on money. I was wondering how to optimally select the exercises though. It seems from what you said that the first block would have supplemental pulls based on strengthening weak points. Should I also run those same exercises for the second half of the program (for example, running paused deadlifts all the way through since that seems to be the only thing that develops my deadlift strength currently), or should I switch to exercises with less specificity in the second half?

        Would you also recommend that I run the template once, then half of the template again (either the first 5 weeks or the last 5 weeks depending on which exercise selection should benefit me most) (15 weeks), and running that into the powerlifting 2 template that I run?
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