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Predicting strength for the future? I want to compete internationally

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  • Predicting strength for the future? I want to compete internationally

    Hello, this is my first forum post here. I am 21 years old, 77 kilos, and I am a big fan of olympic weightlifting however I do not participate in it and have only really done strength training. I can front squat 200 kilos and overhead press 90 kilos, and I have commonly heard that with adequate technique one can clean and jerk their 3 rep max front squat. With this in mind, do you think that it is possible with hard training within 6 or so years I can compete at international events such as the common wealth games? I have watched olympic weightlifting for some time and my goals would be 130/170 @ 73 kilos. I know alot of this is speculative and the answer I tell myself is just try as hard as you can and see where you end up but I figured i'd ask people who are very likely more well versed in both competition and training for their opinion on the matter.

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    Soooooo...not sure if trolling but the world record in the Clean and Jerk for the 81 kg class is 208kg by Karlos Nasar at the world championships on 12 December 2021. The USA national championships qualifying total for the 81 kg class is 274kg. If you can in fact front squat 200 kg at 17 y.o. you can likely attract the attention of a legitimate coach. Go find a OLY coach who as coached national and international level competitors.

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    USA nationals qualifying total source: