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  • We need Barbell Therapy

    Just thinking out loud.

    I'm a marriage and family therapist in Southern California and I work a lot with adolescents, people with anxiety/depression, and various other conditions. Since getting involved in weight training, I've noticed myself wanting to suggest some form of strength training to my clients. I have yet to meet a client who I don't think would benefit from it. Most therapists do suggest exercise in general, but it's more often something like walking, hiking, or other forms of "cardio." I have no problem with this, but I've noticed for myself that barbell training seems to have a more significant impact on my overall mental health and sense of confidence. I'd love to find a way to incorporate the two into the work I do, but I'm not sure how other than just suggesting they "look into strength training." It's also probably a bad idea to talk to someone about their abandonment issues while they're under a 300lb barbell.
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