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    Let this be the introductory post in this forum. I'm gonna start off by introducing myself, what school i go to, major, interests, goals, what year im in and etc.
    Name - Dhruv Singh
    School - University of Alabama in Huntsville
    Major - Biology with pre-health concentration
    Interests - Resistance training (obv), learning about different scientific fields, Biology, Anatomy, Chemistry, Pharmacology, Pain Science(dont get triggered mike) ,trolling mike on Instagram, reading research to the best of my ability, hanging out with the few friends i have, playing video games(fair warning im a huge nerd) I typically play LoL, Madden, 2k(basketball) and Ghost Recon. Most importantly ALABAMA FOOTBALL ROLL TIDE BB
    Year - 3rd year of school planning to apply to the 3 instate physical therapy schools, those being UAB, USA, Alabama State. If i dont get in, i plan to apply to a masters program in relation to science to sure up my resume and academic knowledge.

    If you're interested in sharing some things about yourself please feel free to, I look forward to getting to know all of you.

    Name -
    School -
    Major -
    Interests -
    Year -
    Goals -

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    Name - Jason
    School - Lewis & Clark college (undergrad), Samuel Merritt University (graduate)
    Major - L&C = Art & German. SMU = DPT.
    Interests - All things lifting, be it barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, bodyweight, whatever. Just move & load it.
    Year - Finished undergrad in 2007, did a bunch of other things, now in third & final year of DPT school.
    Goals - Graduate, get licensed, work in and/or start a practice using progressive resistance exercise (i.e., strength training) to help folks get out of pain & get stronger. Focus is on working with older folks, preventative care, and improving QOL by avoiding/training out of hospital-associated deconditioning.


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      Name- Nathan
      School- Grand Canyon University for undergrad in Biology with Pre-PT emphasis (Google GCU Havocs to see the best student section in college hoops). Accepted to A.T. Still University for DPT school.
      Interests- Lifting, Sports, reading. That’s about all I have time for.
      Goals- Get through PT school, and then fight the good fight against Silly BS


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        Hey Everyone!

        Name - Garrett Steinbrink
        School - University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
        Major - BBA in Accounting
        Interests - Strength Training, Music (singing, drumming, dancing, guitar-ing?), Video Games (PSN is OriginalGarrett, if ya wanna play some games), and women
        Year - Junior
        Long-Term Goals (>1 year): Graduate and get a full-time gig on the East Coast, so I don't have to roll burritos at Chipotle forever; continue to be a student of life in and outside of the gym
        Short-Term Goals (<1 year): Rehab my bum glute, get more jacked, compete in 2nd Powerlifting competition, make it to Senior year. In that order.

        Excited for this new Forum!


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          Hey everyone!

          Name - Nuutti Teräslahti
          School - University if Eastern Finland - Kuopio, Finland
          Major - Medicine
          Interests - Strength training, pain, nutrition, memes, scientific literature
          Year - 1/6
          Goals - Long term: become a licensed medical doctor - short term: increase my PL total, begin posting on social media about my interests


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            Hi everyone!

            Name: Aidan Vosooghi

            School: UCLA (undergrad); Mills (Post-Bac)

            Major: Pre-med currently; BA in World Arts and Cultures/Public Health

            Interests: Strength training, nutrition, coaching, public health, global health, emergency medicine, soccer, and cooking!

            Year: 2nd year post-bad student.

            Goals: (Long-term) Apply to medical school in 2019, practice as a primary care physician. (Short-term) Spread pain and nutrition education through the coaching practice I work for, put up a 74kg qualifying total, and connect with more folks like you all!


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              Name: Jay

              School: Des Moines University (DPM), Grand Valley State University (undergrad)

              Major: Podiatry

              Interests: Foot and ankle surgery, nutrition, strength training, reading. If anyone has any interests/questions about podiatry as a profession feel free to message me!

              Year: In my 2nd year at DMU.

              Short Term Goals: Get through boards this summer and make some GainzZz (currently gaining weight slowly). In the next year I want to enter a powerlifting or strengthlifting meet, probably will not happen until I am done with boards though.

              Long Term Goals: Graduate and obtain solid residency training while continuing to make strength gains. In the future I see myself practicing in the Midwest but I am not 100% on location yet.


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                Name - Dylan Lacy
                School - San Francisco State University
                Major - Kinesiology
                Interests - Strength, BJJ, rehab, Judo, Wrestling, Beer and homebrewing. Helping people.
                Year - Junior
                Goals - DPT, private practice, make an impact, be a good dad, son, husband and community member.


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                  Name: Keagan

                  School: Iowa State University - Undergrad & Creighton University - DPT

                  Major: Physical Therapy

                  Interests: Sports Focused Strength and Conditioning, Tutor & Mentoring Student-Athletes at Iowa State (Go Clones), Anything Sports and the occasional Fortnite game.

                  Year: I will be attending my first year in PT school this coming fall!

                  Short Term Goals: 500lb Squat, Go into PT school prepared with anatomy/physiology since I'm in a gap year.

                  Long Term Goals: Get a solid job in the PT field and eventually open a sports performance and rehab location like the one I'm currently interning at in Des Moines, Iowa. Be Strong.


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                    Name: Cal Mouritsen

                    School: University of North Dakota

                    Major: Physical Therapy

                    Interests: Strength training, Swimming (high school and college.... Baraki's got nothing on my 50 time), music, hunting, bar tending

                    Year: 2nd year DPT student

                    Goals: Practice physical therapy within an orthopedic setting. Sports medicine is my primary interest, but another field that interests me is within the military, working in rehabilitation with the tactical athlete population.


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                      Name: Garrett Zajicek
                      School: University of Nebraska-Lincoln
                      Major: Nutrition, Exercise, and Health Science
                      Interests: Strength & conditioning, nutrition, sports (go skers), music, alcoholic beverages
                      Year: Junior
                      Goals: Get accepted into PT school, work in strength & conditioning and rehab, learn to play guitar someday, get muscles


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                        Pretty safe to say that there’s gonna he a lot of PTs in the BBM group in a couple of years.


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                          I'm going to chime into this. Two months too late but oh well.

                          Hey everyone

                          Name: Andrew Natoli
                          School: University of New South Wales
                          Major: Exercise Physiology
                          Year: 1 out of 4
                          Interests: Resistance training, rock climbing, ANATOMY, pain science, reading.
                          Goals: Climb a V6 by the end of 2019 (look that up if you need to :P), complete my Ex. Phys. Bachelors, overall, advance my critical thinking skills.


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                            Name: Bolder (can't tell real name)
                            School: Can't tell school name
                            Major: may start a Bachelors of Biomedical Science in the second semester or next year, need to save some money this year. I was in a different major before... Gonna do some vocational training to work in a hospital, this year.
                            Interests: eating food, being a slob, watching vids, but of course lifting, and learning new stuff.
                            Goals: Hit 145kg/319lb bench and hopefully rehab my knees, lose a bit of weight, then make gains in squats, and deadlifts (wherever it lands or takes me to).


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                              Name - Devin Hoover
                              School - University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine class of 2022
                              Major - Osteopathic Medicine
                              Interests - Grip strength, emergency medicine, rock climbing
                              Year - First year medical student
                              Goals - two plate OHP, three plate bench, four plate squat, and five plate deadlift, certify on CoC3