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Contemplating Barbell Medicine Seminar

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  • Contemplating Barbell Medicine Seminar

    Hey all,

    Barbell Medicine is coming to Chicago this Spring, and this is the closest they will probably be to me for a good bit.

    My question is: have any of you gone through the seminar, and if so, do you think someone like me (an individual not formally studying science or anything remotely close to the medical field) would have any business being there? I love training, and thoroughly enjoy learning about programming, pain, and health outcomes due to training, so I feel like I would really enjoy it.

    It's definitely a large investment for a student. Especially one who doesn't plan on professionally applying these principles to patients/clients, but I feel like I would kick myself in the future if I didn't attend. Any input would be great.


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    If they came to a city near me dude i would go 100%, even with the price and total travel expenses. I think you could still learn something from them at their seminar because if you get nothing from the training, nutrition, pain lectures. You would still get hands on coaching by them. Again that is just my input, I have not been to a seminar because #Southeast.


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      I went to the November seminar in PA and it was great! I would say out of the 30-35 people at the seminar, the majority were not in the medical field. There were some coaches but mostly it was people like you who are just enthusiastic about lifting and wanting to learn more. They really make an effort to make the information accessible to everyone there. The hands on coaching breaks up the lectures and gives you a chance to interact with all the coaches. Plus you will undoubtedly meet some cool folks!

      And Dhurv4 ... don't give up on the #Southeast just yet. You never know.


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        Thank you both!

        Looks like it's time to start pinching pennies


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          Does anyone know what the policy is on obtaining a scholarship? Is it just for folks in medicine/students?


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            In the news letter they sent out a few months ago it sounded like it was only for students currently enrolled in med school, physiotherapy, nursing, nutrition, and possibly a couple others.

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          I would attended I had to drive 18hours to go to one . It was 100% worth it . The first day was very health focused ( the pain lecture followed by the cholesterol lectures being my favourite ) the second day was very training focused and was well worth the cost . Also the in person coaching really helped provide a visual aid to some of the cues and proper form .

          Not it to mention there was plenty of time to communicate with all the BBM coaches if you had questions during lunch/snack breaks .


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            I went to the Toronto seminar as a non-health professional/student and it was very worth it, quite a few others like me there too. It was roughly 1/3 health professionals, 1/3 coaches, and 1/3 lay people. If you have any interest at all in coaching or just helping those around you, either online or in person, the seminar is extremely valuable too.

            The three hour detailed pain science lecture is wicked and has done tremendous things for how I deal with aches and pains in life and training, and Jordan spends like 9 hours total doing all things health and nutrition related and how it all related to strength training. They spend a few hours on programming, and of course, in-person coaching on all the lifts (Tom C. got me doing a "textbook" low bar squat in a manner of minutes, it was neat).

            If you can pinch the pennies for it, the 2 days of nuance is worth it


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              Just thought I would follow up and let y'all know that I bought my ticket, and will be attending the Chicago seminar in May!

              Beyond excited!


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                If it's every within driving distance I'll go for sure. So far it just hasn't happened for me yet either because I am in the Southeast also.