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    Hello fellow BBM members. I am in need of some advice if you don't mind sparing the time ill keep this short.I got certified by NASM about a year ago( I know I know ) only to be able to get my foot in the door somewhere I can have access to coach members. Certification require 2 CEUS every 2 years to maintain. As I recently moved to the U.S I basically need to start a new career, so I have blank slate to work with. I was wondering if there are any post secondary/online education courses one could recommend that can earn CEU's but also compliment my future career as a coach/trainer? Keep in mind I don't have a lot of educational back round (High school only) Thanks for the input. Much appreciated.

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    I don’t know of any but good luck hope it works out for you.


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      Wishing the best to you and rooting for you


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        The guys over at MASS has a CEU agreement with NASM I think so you can read their stuff take the quizzes and go about it that way. Other than that I would say just read through all the forums here and take notes


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          Aye, thanks for the input. I already got the CEU's from MASS. Would be nice if BBM's research review had some CEU's available.