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Finding up to date employers/mentors

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  • Finding up to date employers/mentors

    Hi all,

    I'm starting my final year of physio school next year and while the info from BBM has taught me a lot it has also somewhat disillusioned me with the profession. I'm interested in private musculoskeletal practice, but most of the clinics in my area put manual therapy and dry needling at the top of their list of services, with many larger employers requiring physios to offer some form of electrical modality in every appointment. I don't feel capable of starting a practice immediately, and I feel like I would benefit from in-person mentorship from an employer, but I don't know where to find one I actually want to learn from. Does anyone have any suggestions on finding evidence-based practitioners? I'm based in Brisbane, if that helps.

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    Thats awesome bro and im sorry I or anyone else didn't reply quicker.
    Since you're in Australia i would actually reach out to people like the O'Sullivans both Peter and Kieran. Mick Hughes is also in Aussieland and im sure if you're willing to move you'd find someone to work with as a new grad. I would reach out to them on Facebook or Instagram. Peter is pretty active on Twitter.
    Good luck bro.


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      Also if you have facebook i would join the LevelUp community as well as joining Clinical Athlete.


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        Hey, thanks for the response.

        I was aware of the O'Sullivans, not of Mick Hughes. Unfortunately they're all on the wrong side of the country Thanks for the Level Up recommendation though, that looks amazing - I've just applied for their mentorship program that starts next year.