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"Lactic acid" question

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  • "Lactic acid" question

    Howdy, I'm currently trying to get my NSCA cpt to start coaching. Out of all the guys and gals in my friend group, I am the only one taking this kind of step to further my education about training in any way other than the other guys watching athleanx on YouTube.

    One discussion we have regularly is on lactic acid. I've tried explaining that it has nothing to do with muscle soreness, which is something I'd consider to be common knowledge now considering everywhere it's at on the internet.

    However, looking further into it, I have absolutely no idea what lactic acid is. I've come to a loose conclusion that it is actually lactate dehydrogenase, but I have no idea how to support that theory or really what it is either. Came to this thought when I watched one of the barbell medicine seminar videos on Alan Thrall's channel and Jordan began explaining lactic acid doesn't even exist in muscle cells.

    I'm not in college (yet) and don't know where to go to confirm this. I hope to hear back from y'all, any information can help. Thanks for being awesome

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    Lactate and lactate dehydrogenase are NOT the same thing. It sounds like you need to start with some basic biochemistry education and exercise physiology.

    Here are a few good overview papers on the topic:
    IG / YT


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      Thank you very much, I appreciate it a lot