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Any advice for university entrants?

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  • Any advice for university entrants?

    Do you have any tips on how to write a good application essay for a medical university? I need to do this while I have the opportunity to submit documents. I have a few drafts, but I'm not sure if they are good enough.

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    You could always send your rough drafts to an advisor for critique and see if they can help you in that case. At my university we have a "pre-professional" department that helps applicants with their applications, interviews and resume.


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      First, never write that you will try very hard and something like that. Write only to the point - I graduated from such and such a school, went to such and such olympiads, had such awards, I want to study for such a profession, because ... and so on. For example, I'm currently finishing my 3rd year asa college hialeah, and I've found that the essay plays a significant role in whether or not you get accepted into the university. You can even fail school exams, but if you interest the heads of the university in something, then you have a small chance to enter, it can be some kind of awards in school subjects, participation in olympiads and so on.
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