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      Originally posted by TEH View Post
      I'm curious what garage heaters you choose. I have an older two-car attached garage. It's un-insulated except for the exposed insulation in the ceiling (a bedroom sits above it). I've tried space heaters, which have practically no effect at all because of the size and high ceilings. But I don't want to make a huge investment in a big "system." Then again, I'm sick of wearing 3-4 layers of sweatshirts over the winter months. Is there an easy cost-effective option?
      I bought a King Electric 240v garage heater. It is the cylindrical shaped model with a remote control. Cost about $180. It requires a dedicated 240v, 30 amp circuit. I ran that myself, and the parts for that cost about $100 (wire, 30a breaker, some conduit, gang box, receptacle, etc).

      Those space heaters are worthless in larger spaces. At 110v, they're only about 1500 watts. My heater is 4800watts, but it has a low setting too which it switches to automatically to save energy when it get the temperature within 1 degree of the target. My garage ceilings are 12 feet high. I can bring my garage from 40 degrees to 65 degrees in about 30 minutes, and then hold it there with minimal fuss. It shuts off automatically when needed. I usually turn it on the night before I'm going to lift and set it to about 55 degrees. That way it keeps the steel from being cold. Then in the morning I can bump it up to 65 and it takes 10 minutes for the room temp to settle in. My heater is mounted on the wall about 10 feet high, so 65 degrees up there is about 60 degrees around chest level. Perfect for lifting. It's a little crisp when you first get started, but it feels great once your start getting warm.


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        That's helpful thanks.

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      I use something similar, fine as long as you don't forget to turn it on long enough before lifting
      I'm going to try and insulate this summer with some basic boards/plastering - hopefully that should help some