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    I go to a crunch, a commercial gym. Luckily for me they have rogue bumper plates. As most would i use these for deads, and rows, but it looks a tad funny when benching and such. So I tend use the Crunch brand 45lb plates which . . Feel noticeably heavier than rogues. Rogue being a huge brand I obviously trust their manufacturing and accuracy more. That being said should I just use the rogue bumper plates on squats , and bench anyways? Thanks guys.

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    I'm not familiar with those, unfortunately. could be similar to the thing happening when people go from "regular" iron plates to calibrated discs. Often times people say the discs feel heavier. Possibly because the load is denser (closer to middle of the bar). Following that logic, bumpers may feel lighter than "regular" plates because the load is a hair farther away from the middle of the bar.

    Of course...they may just be wildly inaccurate plates and actually be heavier than stated values. Generally speaking bumpers are pretty accurate.

    Just wagering a guess going off of limited info.


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      I use bumpers on everything; deadlift, rack pulls (I do them from blocks), squat and variations, bench press, overhead press, and rows.


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        My suggestion would be to just use one or the other but not go back and forth, ie train consistently. Also, how serious of a trainer are you? Do you plan on competing soon?