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    Hi BM group, I need your advise. Currently I train at home (I am from Chile) with a taishan competition weightlifting barbell 20 kg. I compete in the only powerlifting federation in chile and it follows GPA rules. GPA uses a texas squat bar and texas deadlift bar. In my first meet 2 weeks ago, I really liked the whip and knurling of the deadlift bar to the point that I went 5 extra kg from planned in my third attempt.

    I want to import a really good bar that will help me to improve my lifts. So I am between getting an Ohio Deadlift Bar (because of shipping options) and keeping the taishan bar for the rest of the lifts or just getting an ohio power bar for all the lifts? Or should I keep training with my current barbell? (Because of budget purposes I can only import one right now)

    Thanks for you advice. If you need more information to advise me, just ask.
    My deadlift 1 rm is 205 kg/452 lb

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    this should help


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      If they use a deadlift bar in competition then I would probably go with the deadlift bar and use the olympic bar for the other lifts. That would at least be more specific than pulling with the stiff bar. Is the olympic bar a 28 or 28.5 mm?


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        Budget is a factor.

        Not terrible bars from

        I have an american barbell oly bar and rogue power bar... added one of the tru grit bars from WM bc of the insane discount... not bad. Links below.