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    Hey guys

    I’ve been hook gripping the past couple months on my pulls. Got past the initial thumb pain pretty quick. My left thumb is crooked at the mid way point, likely dislocated. It’s hurt minimally since I’ve been hooking but just now noticed the bend. Is this something I should pop back or splint? It doesn’t hurt that bad and I’ve trained through the pain. Or should I do mixed grip? I’m not really at a weight that concerns me for bicep tear. I do tape my thumbs when pulling.


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    I am pretty skeptical that you are walking around with a dislocated thumb IP joint with minimal pain.

    If it bothers you enough, however, you can get it checked out and/or X-rayed.
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      Yeah, probably not dislocated, that was a stretch. My thumb is just fairly bent. I’ll just do mixed grip for now, I’ve been progressing better with the hook grip.

      Thanks for answering.


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        I tried to use the hook grip a while ago, but in the 2nd or 3rd workout, after being able to handle heavier loads (for me), I felt a numbness for about a week on the inner side of the right thumb (where it makes contact with the bar). I didn't use hook grip since then.

        Is this usual and I may resume using the hook grip until this does not happen anymore or it was probably a bad hand positioning or such? I have small fingers, not really sure it hook grip is advisable when mixed is working well.

        Me gainzz


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          I use nubs during training and thumbs get a bit sore sure , but never really hurt.
          However, without nubs the pain is real! How do I bridge the gap between 0 and 100 and settle for a good ~50 when using bare thumbs?


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            I've gone away from hook grip for 4 weeks before doing the hypertrophy template and then come back to hook and it picks up right where it left off. Shouldn't be too painful doing mixed grip for a couple weeks and then coming back.