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  • Paused squat

    Second day on the bridge 1.0. Recently got over some hip ailment so my squat has been slacked on the past month or more.
    Just coming off of linear progression , I know my form needed work so I've been honing in on it. I always feel real shaky in the sticking point, even on warm-up weight, I'm guessing it's bar path.. a guess. Day one I hit 275 x 5 @8, day two I hit 2ct paused squat 275 x 4 @8. One less rep but it somehow felt verryyyyy smooth. Way smoother than day one and it was paused.
    I felt like I could just sit at the bottom for a good 10seconds or more.
    Needless to say has anyone experienced similar?

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    Make sure you’re not pausing high. Maybe on your comp squat your losing tightness at the bottom and you’re getting off balance. Hard to say without seeing your squats.