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What height rack pull?

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  • What height rack pull?

    Just need clarification, is it 2 inch off floor or couple of inch below patella. Also should i try keeping my shins as vertical as possible and try to stay out over the bar longer? I'm 5ft 9 cheers

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    BBM usually prescribes 'mid shin' rack pulls, which will put the bar at different heights and shin location amongst different people. I'm 5'7 with relatively normal shin lengths, and mid-shin puts the bar only 2-2.5 inches off the ground for me.

    I think where you put the bar is less important as just being consistent with it. Anywhere from 2" off the ground to 2" below the patella is fine, just be consistent.

    As for technique, I use the 5 step deadlift setup (as described by Starting Strength and Alan Thrall) for rack pulls and it works well. I believe the same principles should apply for both lifts: bar starts over mid foot, grab the bar, drop hips til shins hit the bar, lift chest and contract your back, lift. Due to the bar being elevated, this will naturally make your shins more vertical in the start position, without you having to think about it.


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      I'm 5'9 and I had to build my blocks about 4 inches high to get the bar at mid shin.


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        I am 178cms (5'10") and use 20kgs bumpers on their side as blocks, which are 70mms (2.76 inches) high.

        I second the SS deadlift set up for rack pulls.


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          ~177cm tall, and I built some blocks 80mm tall to get the bar to "mid shin". Ideal height probably depends on your build to some extent.