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Taping hands for deadlifts - a crutch?

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  • Taping hands for deadlifts - a crutch?

    Long story short - since buying equipment to work out at home, I've been having problems with tearing calluses mainly on my middle and ring fingers, between the 2nd and 3rd join. Using mixed grip for last warmup and work sets, and trying to hold the bar "low" in my fingers rather than up in my palm. This wasn't a problem when I was working out at the local globo-gym, and I'm almost certain that it is because the cheap bar I've got at home is somewhat thicker (measured it at ~30.5mm) than the ones at the gym.

    I think the long term solution is a better bar, but unfortunately that's not something I can afford right now.

    The last few weeks I've been taping my fingers (for work sets only) like in the attachment, and it definitely seems to help.

    Is this a reasonable solution for the time being, or is it just a band-aid? Is tape like that permitted if I were to ever go to a powerlifting meet?

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    I tore a callous today but it's not on my fingers, it's at the base, underneath my fingers towards the palm. I just threw a bandaid on it and I'll probably use straps until it heals fully.
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      People tape their thumbs for hook grip, and that is permitted in competition. I would do whatever it takes to keep training and not worry about it.


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        The problem might be that your calluses are too thick and that's causing them to tear under load. There are several ways to maintain them (reduce their size). Many youtube videos on this topic. I also apply a hand lotion to mine to keep them more pliable. With regular maintenance, I've been able to find a good balance of protective thickness that won't tear.
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