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Pop goes the back while it happens to me

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  • Pop goes the back while it happens to me

    Yesterday, I was doing deadlifts on day 3, week 5 Hypertrophy Templet. Warmed up and did my first work set of [email protected] and it didn't feel great. Then I stupidly went to my [email protected] which was a 47lb jump. The bar got off the ground and as I kept pulling...pop goes the back. I immediately drop the bar and now here comes the pain. Laying down is the only way to get relief. Putting on socks is damn near impossible. I had to take off of work because sitting behind a desk all day was going to be miserable. I am trying to walk and move around as much as I can tolerate. Trying not to freak out is hard when your in the middle of this. Now what?

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    It sounds like you've already heard and are familiar with our instructions in this situation.

    I realize it's hard not to freak out. But you have to.

    Movement. NSAIDs. Pay it less attention. Worsening pain with movement does not mean you're doing damage. Keep moving. Repeat.
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      Thank you Austin. I forced myself to walk for 30 minutes yesterday and have been on NSAIDs. By the end of the day it eased up a little. Today is miserable so far. Sitting in this desk chair at work is painful. Quite hard to concentrate actually. When this heals I can only imagine the mental battle it is going to take to pull heavy again. I can't help wonder why this happened and how to prevent it from happening again.


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        100% this...


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          Happened to me a week ago(debilitating pain) and I'm fine now. right after it happened, I finished my upper body workout. Next day I went to the gym, streched, foam roller then I deadlifted and sqauted super light and went home. Stayed on program for Monday with deload numbers, and my numbers are going up quick and I feel great.
          I watched Alan's video and followed it


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            Yea, I'm trying. I have squats and DL up to 98 lbs and I will increase again today. Upper body lifts are mostly unaffected except actually getting up off the bench haha. The pain is subsiding somewhat but still constant. This totally sucks and I know it's going to be a mental hurdle.