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  • Squat Form Help!

    Hello I am new here so if this is inappropriate place to do this, let me know.

    I am experiencing low back pain/instability/looseness? after my squats and it is inhibiting my ability to train squats and deadlift. Watching the video i can see my butt "winking" (I know they say thats a crossfit term) and am looking for advice on how to stop this. I am contracting my low back in order to get a neutral spine position but it seems that at the bottom of the squat, my glutes or hamstrings are too tight and are pulling my low back out of a neutral position. What is the fix for this? stretching? I know that they are not big fans of stretching but I am unsure of what else to do. Also what am i doing to cause an un-straight bar path? Any help would be super appreciated!
    (video is linked)

    BSD: 290 290 425

    I took time off squatting because it was really hurting my back and preventing me from deadlifting, now I am training it once per week, 3x5, adding 5 lbs per week. This is my final set of five, 250lbs, and it felt like about 8.5-9 RPE. Using squat shoes.
    193 pounds
    cutting weight currently