Hey BBM,

This is going to be a longer post so whatever you can provide help with would be much appreciated.

I don't remember where I heard it but i remember listening to Jordan talk about the development vs display of strength. That really got me thinking about my programming and made me question how i should go about it. In my Intensity/Volume Upper/lower split that I have been tweaking here and there, I had been building up to either a 1, 3, or 4rm on the intensity day (just to see the weekly progress) and then doing back off sets. If you look at the training log that I will link below you can see that I switched to just doing sets across. The rpe is more of a general reps in reserve for my sets @8; and for my single @9, it is more of a single with perfect form. I think that this is a turn in the right direction but I also just want to see if anyone has some constructive criticism that they can provide me.

In addition, last week I failed on bench. I know you're supposed to be doing submaximal sets but I had been feeling great warming up so I decided to push it a little. I failed on the third rep during the concentric part of the lift, and this caused some pain later on in the week in the left pectoral minor section throughout the week. I have been trying to use a swiss bar with a reduced load for bench because regular hurt too much and it felt more tolerable than a bench block. However, this pain still persists a week later and I want to know if there is anything else I can do to help prevent any detraining that might happen, or if there are steps I can take after the injury goes away that will help get me back on track?

Any insight that someone can provide would be much appreciated.

Nick DeFrancesco