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GPP Upper Back: Really Light?

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  • GPP Upper Back: Really Light?

    Hey everyone! I'm currently on the hypertrophy template which calls for 8 min AMRAPs. For the upper back I usually do seated rows, lat pulldowns, or dumbell rows (hand on bench).

    This is probably just me needing to let go of the whole overtraining fear thing, but am I doing something wrong if I'm getting 80+ reps on these?

    For example on the seated row Tuesday, I did 102 reps in the 8 mins. I started at 50 lbs and gradually went down to 30lbs, averaging about 15 reps per set or so with 30 second rest. Is that.... ok? It was extremely light, but a lot of reps (at least I thought).

    I guess my general question is, how many reps are you guys getting on your GPP upper back stuff? Does my example seem normal/common? Thanks guys!

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    You are looking to add hypertrophic training volume to your upper back on GPP days. Starting with too light a weight and then going lighter to keep the reps at 15 or so I would think is probably not the most efficient way of doing that.

    I usually keep the weight constant and reduce my reps. I rarely go above 10 reps in the first set to start and then slowly bring the reps down as time progresses and fatigue builds up due to short rest periods.

    In your example on the row I would do a weight that I can get 10 reps while keeping a rep or two in the tank. I generally would then rest about 30 seconds and do another set, rest 30s, another set, and so on to 8 minutes. E.g. 10, 8, 8, 8, 7, 6, 5, 5... That way the volume is at a sufficient enough intensity.


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      Thank you for the response Teddy! Keeping the weight at the same makes sense.

      How many reps total do you normally get on your upper back stuff? I know I should expect more on this template being 8 min, but just curious for some context.


      • teddyd
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        Editing a comment
        Over the last few weeks back GPP has been along the lines of the following:
        • BB rows @ 60kgs (EMOM): 10+10+10+8+8+8+8=62
        • Lat pull downs (single handles) @ 20kgs (EMOM for 8 minutes): 10+10+8+8+8+7+7+6=64
        • Machine assisted wide pull ups @ BW-40kgs (circa 50kgs) roughly EMOM for 8 minutes: 10+8+6+5+5+5+5+4+4=52
        • DB rows 8 minutes:
        • @ 34kgs: 8+8+8+6+6=36
        • @ 30kgs: 6+6+6=18

        My back is pumped and full at the end of 8 minutes and I am breathing moderately heavily. I see it as a full blown (albeit mini) bodybuilding back workout. It seems the total reps are between 55 and 65. I feel if I go lighter and get more reps, I am not getting enough intensity stimulation. Mind you, I am weak as piss. You can check my log (linked at the end of my post) for more info.

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      Tagging onto this question, some of the templates call for chins/pullups/rows.

      For chins/pullups my rep scheme usually looks like this with 20-30 secs rest:

      But for barbell rows with 135lbs my rep scheme usually looks like this 20-30 secs rest:

      I want to practice chins/pullups more so that I get stronger and better at them, but I have a feeling the volume that I am able to obtain in the rows will elicit a better training response. Any thoughts?


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      Maybe I've been doing it wrong haha. Been doing my GPP amraps with pendlay rows. Averaging about 15 per set but I take a minute off in between. Only hitting 50-60 reps. That has been within 7 minutes though, may be able to stretch that out with 8 minutes. GPP working sets are 145 pounds at the moment.


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        I typically do single arm DB rows so by the time I’m done with both arms I’ll wait 20-40 seconds and go again. The point (I think) is to add reps every time you do it. So week one for me I got 50 reps on each side in the 6/7 minutes then by week 8 or so I’m up to 70-80 reps.


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          I just realised I'm not sure how the AMRAPs are supposed to be it 7/8 minutes INCLUDING rest times or do you do a set, stop the clock to rest then start it again for the next set etc until you reach the prescribed time?? (I've been doing the former..)


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            Including rest times. It would be a huge amount of work if it were only working time, haha
            Me gainzz


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              Makes sense I guess the point is to not be able to go too bro haha thanks