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Help me understand RPE plz lol (running Bridge 1.0)

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  • Help me understand RPE plz lol (running Bridge 1.0)

    Just started the Bridge 1.0, and its been great so far. I am still getting used to using RPE, but i just have 1 confusion. I tried looking through the forum but couldnt quite find what i was looking for. So my question is, when the program prescribes "5 reps @ 8RPE x 3 sets" (for example). Do I perform each set to RPE 8 (i.e strip weight accordingly each set) OR do i select a weight which I perform for 3 sets, and the last set is RPE of 8. Hope this makes sense, and if im thinking of this completely wrong let me know lol.

    p.s Thanks BBM crew for providing awesome informative content

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    It should be 3 sets @8. Ideally, you would do it with the same weight, but it's ok if the RPE increases and you need to drop some weight for the 2nd or 3rd set.
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      I would add one caveat to what t_angeiras said, that I wouldn't drop weight unless you go over @9 on subsequent sets. Some RPE creep is normal. Your body does fatigue between sets. Jordan has mentioned before in a few places that if you hit 8.5 or even 9 on your later sets you are still good. And if you do go over 9, before you start pulling off weight I would ask yourself a couple of questions:

      1) Did you screw your form up on the set that went over 9? Meaning, was it really a 9, or just an accident that should have been lower?
      2) Did you overshoot your first @8? If so, maybe the next week pull a little weight off and be more careful.
      3) If neither of the above are applicable, maybe you might need to think about increasing rest periods between.
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        Yep, these are good points!

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      Ahh okay makes sense now, thanks for the clarification guys!


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        Generally 5 minutes is enough rest between sets to keep RPE the same between the sets. So if you're having trouble give it a try. I'm in week 3 of the bridge but life just kicked me in the nuts and I may have to restart it next week when I get back from my work trip.


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          One thing I will add is that it doesn't have to stay the exact same. Jordan has said that going up to 8.5 or even 9 on these is ok. Just so long as it doesn't go over a 9. I keep my rest periods down to the point that my last set is usually @9, and it works perfectly, and saves me some time. Some RPE creep from fatigue is ok. Just don't want anyone else that is time constrained like me to read this and think that they have to wait forever between sets to make sure they never go over @8 on the subsequent sets.
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