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High bar squat form check

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  • High bar squat form check

    1)Hi I hurt myself in week 1 of hypertrophy template (paused myo reps + knee slide), rectus femoris is injuried, knees out hurt like hell. Everytime I lowbar squatted the pain got worse, until this week (last week of the template) I tried high bar, I still feel pain during some reps and there is some involuntary movement of the left leg (injuried one), but the pain is not worse after squatting high bar. I can "knees-out" just a little, knee forward movement don't increase the pain during or after the sets. There is a sweet spot between knees out and forward that allows me to squat free pain, that's what i'm looking for

    DL is just fine, any variation is painless regardless the weight

    2)I think I did a good job but not so sure so that's why I ask some1 more experienced to check my form please:

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    further information ab out the injury is in this thread if any1 is interested:

    3) What next?

    I think i'll do the first 4 weeks or all 7 weeks again of hypertrophy again, with 1 more set in comp lifts (high bar being the new comp lift, no more myo reps in friday, i'll do light squats or another thing instead), because I think that in these circunstances I feel fine comp squatting 1x/ week. Otherwise if I was not injuried I'd do HLM. But i'm cutting some weigth as well, maybe I do 7 weeks again with this slight modification. Does that make any sense?

    Thanks guys
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