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What's causing my squat to be uneven?

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  • What's causing my squat to be uneven?

    Not sure if this has to do with bar placement, hips, or grip. Any help and advice is appreciated.

    260lbsX6 - skip first 24 secs:

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    A couple things jump out at me.

    1. Your feet are too wide and uneven. Left one is at about 15 degrees, the right at 45. Bring your stance in and even out your foot angle.

    2. You have an uneven grip on the bar and it appears to be out of balance on your back (more bar visible between your left shoulder and the collar of the barbell than your right). Also, more bar between your left shoulder and your left hand than your right shoulder and your right hand. Take an even grip and center the bar on your back.

    Even things up up and you’ll be good. Also, push your knees out at the bottom. They’re caving a bit.

    A side video would help address any other issues you may be having.


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      If you look at your set-up, between 14 seconds and 18 seconds in to the video, you see that you pull yourself completely to the left.
      I would try to fix that first.