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Bridge 1.0 - rpe decrease during exercise

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  • Bridge 1.0 - rpe decrease during exercise


    a little background: started bridge 1.0 coming from TM (1 month and it crushed me but added 10kgs to my lifts). Started Bridge 1.0 in order to get hang of rpe and plan to run all available 3 day programs (cannot train more). First week went smooth but had to make 1 week break - no training what so ever. So i came back and though i would start again at week 1. While i've hit same numbers RPE was slightly higher (+0.5/+1 on last sets). On week 2 however everything went out of whack - day 1 squat was a nightmare - i don't know if i noceboed myself so much or i really had bad day but hardly hit same numbers than previously. However on day 2 by the time i reach rpe 8 i've been adding weight from set to set and ended up with much more volume than originally - so for paused squat i ended up with 6 sets instead of 4. On top of that when i though i hit my rpe8 i was able to add weight in next set again so my paused squat weights looked like following:
    4 @ 7 x 1 95
    4 @ 8 x 1 100
    4 @ 9 x 1 105
    4 @ 9 x 1 105
    Same was for press when only last two sets were true rpe8 and last set creeped to 9. Barbell rows were on point since i've made bigger weight jumps but maybe i was just lucky? So how to treat such scenarios from training perspective? Should i keep adding weight until true rpe8 is found and treat rest of the sets as warmups? Seems that having 6x5 sets of warmups would be excessive when actual training includes 4 sets... And looking ahead it might be totally different on week 3 when i would hit rpe8 right of the bat...

    Thanks for any input!