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Working out RPE, plus close grip bench question

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  • Working out RPE, plus close grip bench question

    Hi there - I'm revisiting the bridge and am struggling a little with RPE. Specifically, I don't know whether I'm underestimating, overestimating or its dead on. My top set last night was [email protected] - this felt hard. I feel if I really pushed myself I could have got 2 more reps, which makes me think it was a good judgement, but in all honesty I don't know how "hard" an RPE should be.

    Second question, is there any consensus around being stronger with close grip bench? Last night I felt as though I was loads stronger close grip than regular - I even tested a rep at the same weight with regular grip that felt harder than close grip. So, should I calculate my RPE to be a higher weight than regular bench?

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    Hey Pat,

    RPE 8 usually feels tough, but honestly this is very subjective. Everyone may perceive RPE 8 differently (or 9, 7, etc). What's important is that you're confident you had two (not three, one, or maybe two) more reps, regardless of how easy or hard it felt. You're also in a learning process, so don't fret too hard about if you over/under estimated by a bit, you'll get better and more accurate with time.

    As for the closegrip, what grip do you use for your Comp Bench and closegrip? Sounds like maybe you should be narrowing your Comp Bench grip - wider isn't always better.


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      Thanks for the reply.

      With comp grip I normally have my ring finger on the outer of the two small gaps without knurling (if that makes sense). Close grip is normally sort of shoulder width. Will try a closer grip, thanks