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Pelvis tuck on a deadlift

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  • Pelvis tuck on a deadlift

    Hello everybody!

    I've been on my second run of The Bridge, and I've noticed at some point that my back was rounding on DLs. I never thought it was rounding too much, and it felt like it was mostly my upper back. But still I decided to lower the weight today, really concentrated on setting my back before lifting, and had my friend record me. I finished my set, checked the video and lo and behold I have witnessed the embarrassment. Not only my face looks even dumber from the side when lifting - my best effort of setting my lower back to the max still looked like it's slightly rounded, mostly at the pelvis. Which means when I felt it rounding before I actively started focusing on setting my back - I probably looked like a dog defecating. I apologize for the analogy.

    Now I know for a fact that my hamstrings are kinda tight. I could never lower the bar on RDLs anywhere lower below the knee. If I did it felt that I was lowering the bar with my back, no longer w/ hamstrings.

    I know from Jordan's form checks, that my oly shoes are contributing to my problem, but even when I put on a regular shoe it still feels a bit wonky.

    I also noticed that my beltless paused DLs feel better than my regular ones when it comes to set up, and at some points I felt like they're stronger than my comp DL. I always attributed this to the fact that paused DLs are on mondays so I'm better recovered. But now I feel like the problem is something else.

    Could it be the belt that's getting in the way (it's broken in and comfortable tho), tight hamstrings, or something I'm not aware of?

    Thank you!

    P.S. I will ditch oly shoes for DLs once I get a set of chucks. Money is a bit tight, and when I tried pulling in my Pumas, I lost balance and missed a heavy lift, followed by a bunch of cracks in my lower back. But thanks to Austin's video on pain - the injury went away in less than a week. I only physically couldn't do crunches for the first 4 days due to paralyzing pain lol. All other lifts surprisingly were almost unaffected. In any case special thanks to Austin Baraki for his videos and articles on pain science.
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    Looks like you're dropping your hips a bit at the start of the lift. Compare picture #1 & #2. Set your back, push your chest out to pull the slack out of the bar (without dropping your hips down) and drag the bar up. Don't try to squat it up, you'll notice the bar doesn't start moving until your hips are in the right position anyway, so dipping them down is a waste of energy and is putting your low back out of position.


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      I’m gonna be the devil’s advocate here and say I see nothing wrong with the position of the low back. I would agree as posted above that starting with a higher hip height is needed, as it looks from the photos that the bar leaves the ground only after the hips come up a bit. Where the hips want to be when the bar comes up cannot be changed, so start from the position where the bar leaves the floor. Set up, get tight with a higher hip position and this should eliminate any slight changes in lower back rounding you think you are encountering.


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        Yeah. Hips are just too low at the start.


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          Thanks for the tips guys. I started moving my shoulders a little further in front of the barbell, which got my hips up, and from what it felt like - my back got perfectly flat and the set up felt way more comfortable. I didn't have anyone around to record me this week, so I'll know for sure hopefully my next training session.
          I am around 10-15lbs weaker in this position, but I suppose that is expected due to changes to the leverages.