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Technique consistency / weak days

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  • Technique consistency / weak days

    I noticed that in some training sessions I can’t maintain strong position of my shoulders in BP or lower back in DL. On these days I can’t brace well and I feel that I can’t crunch my abs as strong as on my good days.

    Do you experience days like this? I’m wondering is this how fatigue manifests itself (people are talking about nervous system fatigue but I don’t know how others perceive it)?

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    Yes I have had both happen. What I have found is that when my form is breaking down on bench or deadlift that it's a clue to ask myself if I'm really rating my true RPE, or if I'm under-rating and calling something like a 9 an 8. If you're having a weak day, you should be bringing the weight on the bar down. If your form is getting compromised, I think it's likely that you're ignoring these signs and trying to push ahead anyways. I have been guilty of doing this myself, and it never has ended well, usually with back or shoulder pain for a couple of weeks. The more volume you are doing, the more important it becomes that you properly manage your loads and don't overshoot or under-rate RPE's. It's also not uncommon that once you past the very early stages of post novice training (maybe even expected) that as a development block progresses that you get weaker before you get stronger, due to accumulated fatigue.
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      I agree, it is probably wiser to take one step back now to be able to take two steps forward in a few weeks.
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