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Including HBBS in program

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  • Including HBBS in program

    I'm doing the hypertrophy gpp template, and trying to do the prescribed high bar squats. I started with stronglifts, then SS, and have always done low bar squats. I assumed most of the world did high bar, read that for many people it's easier on their shoulders etc. I assumed it wouldn't be too difficult. However when I try to position the bar on my traps I feel immense pain in my traps. Also, I don't quite get how the bar stays in place. Low bar, the bar nestles into a nice slot between my traps and rear delts, and doesn't go anywhere. When I tried doing high bar, the bar was either on my neck, or rolling down my back and I was holding it with my hands. Has anyone else had this issue? I'm kind of surprised since most of what I've read seems to indicate most people prefer high bar.
    Is it worth trying to keep doing high bar to follow the template, or should I just keep doing low bar? Thanks for any tips!