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Weak rack pulls

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  • Weak rack pulls

    Hey guys, I'm currently running the 12 week strength template and I noticed my rack pulls are really weak. My deadlift single is usually from 500-515 on comp deadlift but when I do rack pulls for 4 I'm doing sets at a max of 355. Is there a technical issue or is it because I never do rack pulls? It feels weaker than my RDL which I do 335 for 10. Thanks for the help!

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    You have not trained that specific movement, so you will struggle to express your strength in that movement range. However, the more you practice it, the weights used will increase quickly.

    Also bear in mind, some people are stronger in rack pulls due to the shorter range of motion, but some people are weaker due to the so called "middle of no man's land" starting point.

    Keep at it, the weight will increase, and it will land where it lands.


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      My mid shin rack pull is also weaker than my normal pull. I've trained it all of 4 weeks, compared to years of pulling from the floor. It's whatever.

      Generally speaking, questions of the form "my <exerciseX> is weak compared to <exerciseY>, is that OK?" all have the same answer: yes. Even if it's way out of whack, the only remedy is to train it up or ditch it and stop worrying about.


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        If your single at 8 keeps going up that’s all I would be concerned about.