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Barbell max capacity/ safety question

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  • Barbell max capacity/ safety question

    Max capacity of barbell I currently use is 550lbs, my [email protected] singles on squats are now at around 460lbs and steadily increase. Barbell gets really bent at anything above 430lbs on it, walking it out and stabilizing, going down is way harder than going up itself. To what weight would it be safe to use it without going Joe Sullivan with it? Should I search for another gym right away?

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    If a barbell is rated based on weight and not tensile strength, then yes you should find another bar/gym to use.


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      I would find another bar, or even ask the people who own/manage the gym if they can help you out and buy you a new bar. If not then maybe consider getting a new gym membership at another gym.


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        I would say it’s time to buy a new bar . I recommend the rogue Ohio power bar


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          Im gonna ask but I doubt they will care, other than me there is like 1-2 other people doing real lifting there and manager is crossfit coach who's sure that "crosslifting" barbells are any good.