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    Hey guys, just a quick question for y’all. So I’m a geologist for a CMT department at an engineering firm. Basically means I kinda work construction, I can go in as early as 3am or 6am and get off as early as 2pm or 6pm. So some long days happen, but my work is not super intensive. However there’s not a microwave to heat up chicken and rice at every gas station near by if there is even one near by.

    Anyone else have to deal with a similar work schedule?

    How do you train around it(example 5 days a week vs 3)?

    What kind of things can anyone suggest taking with me for lunch to knock a lot of calories? Most guys I work with don’t train and eat fast food, I’m not down with either of those.

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    You could use a protein shake alternative if you can’t get warm food.
    Nuts, bars, PBJ, cold meat, yogurt.


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      I do construction management ... training not usually a issue use rpe to lighten the weights if you have to shorten the rest periods or Myo reps when your really short on time

      for food I usually carry Greek yogurt , oatmeal with me plus a protein bar . Then just eat the rest of your calories at night post workout