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Competing at a lower weight class?

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  • Competing at a lower weight class?

    Hi BBM team,

    I was looking for some advice for my competition in April and future competitions. I wanted to know, as experienced coaches, would you suggest I compete at the 74 (162) or 66 (145) kg weight class. I am 5'3 and sitting at 168 currently with 33-34 inch waist. I have been feeling really strong lately however I do have some extra fluff to me. I believe that my total (1100 lbs) is more competitive at the 66 kg class but I also might want to continue to gain strength and size and stay at 74. I know for the most part it is my preference but if you can offer some advice I'd really appreciate it.

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    I can't really tell you what to do, but here's some food for thought:

    I hope this doesn't come off the wrong way, but unless you're gonna be competitive at the national level, or there's money or a date on the line, it really, truly doesn't matter what weight class you're in or how well you place. You should not worry about your weight class and continue to work on your goals as if they ( weight classes) didn't exist.

    If this is your first meet, or one of your first, I would just pick the weight class that you just happen to be in. I know winning is fun as hell, but given your waist size and your current weight, 145lbs seems excessively light. There's even nothing wrong with showing up at 168lbs and competing with the 183 pounders - you're their for you. Keep working on becoming there jackedist and strongest version you and don't worry about your weight class yet.


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      Yes, that total would be more competitive at 145. However, at 145, that won't be your total anymore. I would not advise anyone to drop that much weight for a competition. I'd continue to get stronger and just compete in the weight class that you fall into come April. You're not competing at a national level and nobody cares what your numbers are anyway.

      Just have fun getting stronger and competing.


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        Thank you all for you input, if I am being honest the goal is to get to a national level. I've competed before at 130 so being almost 170 feels super heavy but hey maybe I've just made some gains. I don't really care about this upcoming meet in April i just want to get on the platform, I care about being competitive in a few years. The thought would be to stay closer to 150 then 165 but I understand that I should just keep making gains and not putting myself in a disadvantage with a calorie deficit.


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